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Articles by Wyrmgeistians!

Following is a list of articles which were written by people who are from the Shire of Wyrmgeist. All these articles, unless otherwise noted, are copyrighted by the author.  Most people do not mind if you use their article in your local SCA newsletter as long as you reprint it in it's entirety, credit them as the author, and send them a copy of the printed document in which their article was reprinted. For information on reprint permission, please email the Web Minister.




Costuming From Mundane Patterns Lady Catelin atte Redfethere mka Mary Landry
On Making Ye Olde Tunic Lady Lasair ingean mhicSeóin


A Brief Glimpse of Islamic Philosophy and Avicenna A'isha Al Medinawayyla mka Sheri Harper
Philosophy in the Middle Ages Lukas Kern Korn mka John L. Kelly


Caerphilly Castle Lord Cynwrig ap Meurig mka Cody Sibley
Flint Castle Lord Cynwrig ap Meurig mka Cody Sibley
Sailing the Period Seas: A Quick Look At Period Sailing Vessels Lord Cynwrig ap Meurig mka Cody Sibley
The Astrolabe Lord Cynwrig ap Meurig mka Cody Sibley


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