SCA Officers and Administration

      Each Kingdom, Principality, Barony, and Shire within the SCA is run by a group of administrative officers which are appointed. Within the scope of his/her office in his/her group, each Officer has practically unlimited authority and is answerable only to his/her superiors. A Deputy of an office is an apprentice who works with an Officer to learn the duties, functions, and responsibilities of that position. A Deputy may or may not become the successor to the Office when the existing Officer steps down. 
     Kingdom officers are known as Officers of State and often have more deputies than local officers do. A listing of the Officers for a group is often referred to as a Regnum. Check with your local Seneschal to find out more about the Officers in your local group. Following is a brief listing of possible Offices within a group's infrastructure (some of which may only apply to larger groups such as Principalities and/or Kingdoms).

     Coordinates group activities and oversees other officers.
Knights Marshal
     In charge of fighter training and combat safety. On a Kingdom, and sometimes Principality, level there may be one or more of the following deputy marshals: Authorization Marshal, Archery Marshal, or Rapier Marshal.
     Handles name/device submission & public announcing. On a Kingdom, and sometimes Principality, level there may be one or more of the following types of heralds: Beacon, Diamond Pursuivant, Pennon (Devices), Torch (Orders of Precedence), Trumpet Herald (Lists), Parchment Pursuivant (Scrolls), or Bagatelle Pursuivant (Award Regalia).
Minister of Arts & Sciences
     Encourages study, practice and teaching of medieval arts, crafts, and sciences.
     Publishes group newsletter, phone list, & event calendar and maintains a current published Regnum.
Exchequer (Reeve, Treasurer)
     Responsible for financial affairs of the group.
     Responsible for documenting the activities of the group.
Chatelaine & Hospitaler
     Welcomes new members & coordinates demos (basically does Public Relations for the group).
     Responsible for event security and event registration. 
Minister of Children
     Oversees the affairs of the children in the group.


     Responsible for administering first aid when needed.
     Responsible for the group's website.