Shire of Wyrmgeist Officers

Wyrmgeist Seneschal
Lord Cyprian an Doire 
Coordinates shire activities and oversees the other officers.
Wyrmgeist Knight’s Marshal
Sir Phillip Reinhard von Brandenburg
In charge of fighter training and combat safety.
Wyrmgeist Youth Marshal
In charge of youth fighter training and combat safety.
Wyrmgeist Rapier Marshal
Lord Esteban del Boca
In charge of rapier combat and training.
Wyrmgeist Chronicler
Lady Amy Squirrel
Publishes group newsletter, phone list, & event calendar.
Wyrmgeist Herald
Duchess Zinoviia Mikulina doch' Korabel'nikova zhena (Mina)
Handles name/device submission & public announcing.
Wyrmgeist Minister of Arts & Sciences
Lady Avelina Faukes 
Encourages study/practice of medieval arts/crafts/science within the shire.
Wyrmgeist Exchequer
Lady Meles Lauresdottir
Responsible for financial affairs of the shire.
Wyrmgeist Chatelaine
Lady Thorfinna Kolrsdottir
Welcomes and assists newcomers in their efforts to find a place within the SCA & coordinates demos.
Wyrmgeist Minister of Children
Oversees the affairs of the children, ages 5-16, of the shire in order to encourage and promote their education in the ways of the SCA and the Middle Ages.
Wyrmgeist Historian
Responsible for documenting the activities of the shire.
Wyrmgeist Constable
Responsible for event security and event registration.
Wyrmgeist Webminister
Lady Brynja Valsdottir
Responsible for the shire website.

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Officer list updated 5/29/2019